In this industry you can’t afford guesswork.

Choicce analyses

Every choice has consequences

We help your team comprehend the impact of their decisions. So every decision is the right one, made with the right partners, delivering sustainable results.

In the highly complex oil and gas environment, Choicce listens to and analyses your needs, determines your challenges, provide insights, and facilitate changes that ensure measurable results.

Their impact was amazing

Even in a Middle East setting Choicce’s open and direct approach delivered immediate results

Paul’s short, sharp intervention put us on the winning track we are on right now

Without Choicce’s direct and no nonsense delivery we would not be where we are today

We have not had so much positive impact in such a short time from anyone we have worked with before

The impact of Paul and his team on our organisation was significantly tangible both in cost and behaviour

  • Experienced independent opinion
  • Optimise systems & procedures
  • Merger transitions
  • Calculate due diligence
  • Safety & emergency procedures
  • Restructuring & team motivation

How we work


A clear proven process

We use a traffic light system to identify areas to improve and through structured interviews with key personnel work to transform organisations to fully ‘green’. We call the process AWS.

Immediate options

Every choice we make leads to changes, which create consequences.
Choicce gives companies in the Oil and Gas industry immediate options for solving their issues. Helping them make informed decisions based on our experience and expertise.

Proven specialists

Choicce gives you access to a network of proven specialists globally. Resource Holder and Investor value is assured in the lowest risk and fastest possible way.

About Paul Rijks

Paul Rijks is motivated by making a difference. Confronting issues with urgency and delivering sustainable results.

Paul Rijks worked for Shell International for more than 20 years, in up and downstream Operational, Managerial and Consultancy roles around the world.

His style is result driven, collaborative and direct. He collaborates with Choicce Associates who are also ‘high impact players’, successful Oil and Gas professionals from major Oil Companies, who have unique technical, operational and managerial expertise.

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